Blogging Launched, Cuts on Data Charges and Loads Faster

Facebook, together with over 50 mobile operators in 45 countries around the globe, have just launched the new website It brings all the key features of Facebook to people’s mobile phones, loads fast and comes for free. Yeap, zero data charges! But there’s a tiny little catch.

More than 100 million people are using Facebook’s services from their mobile devices but now, a lot of them will be able to continue doing that without having to pay for data charges.

In order to browse the zero-charges site for free, you need to be a customer of one of the operators listed below. Be aware that the free deal is valid only as long as you don’t open images and don’t click links to other websites. Doing any of that is still a paid thing.

Luckily, each time when you’re about to leave or to open an image, a notification will appear on your phone’s screen reminding you of the additional data charges that might apply if you decide to proceed.

The other advantage of the is that it’s optimized for use on mobile devices. So, it loads fast. But it still packs all the major features users would find on the traditional mobile site as well as on the touch-optimized variety at

Using, you can update your status, view the news feed, comment on posts or “like” them, reply to messages or write new ones, leave messages on the walls of your friends. Well, once again, there are no photos to see here. Those are still only a click and ? few cents away (data charges apply for images).

P.S. It seems that entering instead of the numeral address does the same job of getting you to the new mobile page.