12 Questions with Shanice Sewell

Shanice Sewell

With Reggae Month celebrations in full effect, we put the spotlight on female singer and songwriter Shanice Sewell whose captivating presence on stage and vocal ability to impressively hold notes are turning heads.

Born on February 5th, in St. Thomas Jamaica, the “True Story” singer has quickly become known for her energetic ability to perform in front of a live audience, while delivering performances of impact with her stellar vocal ability and stage presence.

While promoting her latest single Call Me (Harley Quinn),” Shanice gave us an exclusive interview on her personal and musical journey. Here are twelve (12) questions with Shanice Sewell:

1. What first got you into music?

I started out writing poems and singing songs as a way to release myself from pain.  

2. Who inspired you to make music?

My sister was my number 1 inspiration, in my mind at the time a successful career in either acting or singing would provide a way to support her financially. 

3. Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician.

My favorite part about being a musician is seeing the positive impact my music has on people. My least favorite part is the gaps in the development of the industry locally. 

4. What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

Like most art forms, music has the ability to convey messages we need but can’t otherwise express.

5. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

For a long time, I’ve had an interest in acting and that got me into the arts. Currently, my hobby is gardening. 

6. Tell us about your favorite performance thus far

My favorite performance was an acoustic set at a local bar and grill, it was a small intimate setting, and I felt a different type of connection with my audience than ever before.

7. Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

The list is long but to name a few I’d have to say; Beyonce for her work ethic and Good Girl LA for her vocal tones which are somewhat similar to mine.

8. Describe your creative process when you write new music.

There’s not one general way that I create music, sometimes I write to an already completed instrumental, or sometimes the process starts with the melodies/lyrics and the beat is built around it or along with it. However, I like to identify a topic and the audience for starters.

9. What qualities do you think makes a great musician?

Anyone who is truly passionate about music will understand what is required and the responsibilities of a great musician. It takes a different mindset and work ethic to go beyond normal standards. 

10. How do you deal with creative blocks or performance anxiety?

These days I don’t get creative blocks per se, more like creative bricks, a little smaller and more manageable. Sometimes a shift in the environment is the solution. Regarding performance anxiety, I like to listen to upbeat songs and think of positive thoughts to get me through it. 

11. Are there any artists locally / internationally you want to work with?

Locally I’d like the opportunity to work with Masicka, he makes some of the best motivational songs. Internationally I’d like to work with Skip Marley

12. Do you have a favorite genre of music? 

Currently, I like to listen to Afrobeat, and to sing it would have to be Reggae.