3 STAR Album “Nothing But Real Talk” Now Available!

3 Star is known for “real” music. He speaks the truth as he sees it and is inspired by the reality around him and his experiences in Jamaica, living in the US and being a US soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. 3 Star draws on his extensive travel experiences and all the good and bad he has seen to create his music and write his lyrics. The album “Nothing But Real Talk” is a reflection of the artiste and his life and the world around him.

The artiste says “I wrote the songs for the album ‘Nothing But Real Talk” while I was serving as an active duty soldier in the United States Military! The album is about real life drama, real life experience that happened to me or someone close to me. That’s why I chose the title ‘Nothing But Real Talk‘.”

The first single off the album is entitled “No Badman”. the song is already making strides on international airwaves and the accompanying video for the song is already in rotation on international TV stations and has entered various video charts in Jamaica.

The album was produced by Jallanzo and released on the label Star Throne Family.

“Nothing But Real Talk” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Track Listing

1) Mr Top Shoota
2) No Badman
3) Real Talk
4) Nuff Things
5) Jus Business
6) Di Skit
7) Di Truth
8) Driving Bimmer
9) Material Girl
10) Sweet Jamaica
11) Sweet Mama
12)Angel voice
13) Bless
14) Need A Change

3 Star - Album Cover

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