50 Cent/Fat Joe Beef Rages On, 50 Drops "Elephant In The Sand" Mixtape

50 Cent

After rumors hit the net about an altercation with Papoose over the weekend, Fat Joe kept the beef going by continuing his ongoing war of words with long time rival 50 Cent.

According to a blog posted on 50 Cent’s website,, Fat Joe and Papoose got into a physical altercation while at a show in North Carolina on Friday (Feb. 29).

The blog stated that, “Sources from Cassidy’s crew tell us that Cassidy had asked Papoose to come to his room so they could talk. Papoose eventually came to his room and while the two rappers were talking, all of the sudden Fat Joe and 9 Members of his Entourage storm right into Cassidy’s room. Fat Joe suddenly starts yelling at Papoose, “You Got A Problem With Me?” and Papoose replied, “No, do you have a problem?” When Fat Joe responds ” yeah, I got a problem with you,” thats when Papoose swung at Fat Joe, punching him in the face twice.”

While there have been several different versions of the story, a photoshopped image of Fat Joe supposedly with a gash on his eye and a nose injury surfaced on, an image that Fat Joe took the time to weigh in on.

“N*ggas is funny, they ain’t got nothing else to do with themselves,” he said of the image in a short video clip circulating the web. “I’m in Corpus Christi right now, I got a show tonight, just did Funkmaster Flex car show yesterday…and you [50 Cent] in Connecticut somewhere at Neverland playing with these internet sh*ts.”

The Don Cartegena promised that upon touching down in the Big Apple that he would put all of the rumors to rest and finally set the record straight.

“When I come to New York, I’m going on the radio and address everything. Ya’ll some funny n*ggas.”

Joe went on to say that the picture was of him at a New York Knicks game from over a year ago before promting the March 11 release date of his new album, The Elephant In The Room.

“We just shipped another 250,000 because of you. You making me rich.”

Not to be outdone, Fiddy responded to Joe’s comments and announced that he will also be dropping a project on Fat Joe’s release date, a G-Unit mixtape entitled “The Elephant In The Sand.” An obvious jab at Joe’s upcoming Elephant in the Room album, the cover art features an unflattering picture of Joe at the beach.

50 said that he was releasing the mixtape “at the same time Fat Joe’s punk ass is trying to sell an independent CD that nobody wants.”

Fans can download the mixtape for free on March 11 on

Source: SOHH