50 Cent Says Jay-Z Blocked Offer For Beanie Sigel

Rapper 50 Cent appeared on Philadelphia’s Power 99FM this morning (November 3) and addressed a number of controversial feuds currently taking place in Hip-Hop.

50 stopped by Miss Jones’ morning show and discussed Jay-Z’s feud with Philly artist Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and Rick Ross.


Sigel recently dropped a track titled “Average Cat,” where he accused Jay-Z of abandoning artists on Roc-A-Fella, questioned Jay-Z’s loyalty and accused the mogul of locking him into his deal with the Roc.

50 Cent confirmed Sigel’s allegations on “Average Cat” that he almost signed the Philadelphia-bred rapper to his G-Unit Records, which at one point, was to jointly market a project by former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway.

“He [Beanie Sigel] would have got at least $800,000 at that point to come over,” 50 Cent told Miss Jones. “Jay was telling him that he didn’t want to lose him. I think Jay and Puffy had these feelings toward me at one point I believe.”

During an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Beanie Sigel revealed that he was close to signing a deal with G-Unit, but the deal was blocked by Jay-Z.

50 Cent confirmed this and also stated that he ran into the same issues when he attempted to bring estranged Bad Boy artist Mase into the G-Unit fold.

“They didn’t want to lose anything to me, while their energy was going on. Puff didn’t want to sign the Mase deal and Jay didn’t want to do that,” 50 Cent told Miss Jones today (November 3).

50 Cent has wasted no time replying to Rick Ross’ “Baby By Me” remix which hit the Internet yesterday dissing G-Unit.

“I’ve never seen a bigger fraud in Hip-Hop. He Just did a remix to Baby by Me. “It’ll count as a spin for my record. He’s an idiot. I’d be upset if my baby’s momma was out there. He’s broke. His last album sold 300,000 copies. His last record [Triple C’s Custom Cars and Cyles ] just like sold 4,000 records.”

In other news realating to the Jay-z Beanie Sigel Saga, radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God, was fired from his post at Philadelphia radio station 100.3 The Beat this week, following an interview with Beanie Sigel where he explained his recent Jay-Z diss track.

Charlamagne revealed the termination via Twitter (@CThaGod) on Monday (November 2) morning.

While he says the station said they wanted to “move in a different direction,” many speculate whether Jay-Z may have had a hand in the matter.

“I just got fired from 100.3 The Beat in Philly. Salute to Philly I hope you all enjoyed me the past six months,” Charlamagne wrote.

Source: AllHipHop