50 Fest a Big Success

The Best Dressed Chicken 50 Fest was indeed a major success. The two day celebration brought out saved and unsaved from all denominations. It was an event for the whole family. Persons left high spirited and wanting more.

The show started in the mid day with fun and excitement for the children. At 5:30 pm, it was time for the artistes to perform. Whoever said that Christians and Gospel music are boring was proved wrong. On Saturday the crowd saw the likes of Chevelle Franklin, DJ Nicholas and Israel.

Chevelle’s love for God and Gospel music could be seen through her spirit filled performance. DJ Nicholas who performed for a whopping thirty minutes kept the crowd dancing to songs like “Naah Bow”, “Holy Ghost Church” and “Back 2 The Owner” just to name a few, from his album “On The Shout”. Even after a thirty minutes performance the crowd still wanted more. Israel who was visiting Jamaica for the first time brought the show to a close. His song of worship and praise reminded the audience that although they were there to have a good time they should still be giving God the praise.

Sunday was another exciting day. The crowd was graced with the presence of Prodigal Son, Papa San and Carlene Davis. Prodigal Son who is known for giving a high energy performance lived up to his previous performances. His songs “Blessings” and “Lava Ground” just to name a few had the crowd enjoying themselves in the Lord. Papa San and Carlene Davis who are two of the veterans of Jamaican Gospel music also had the crowd dancing and giving God the praise.

All in all this was a spirit filled concert which brought happiness, restoration, revival and new souls to the kingdom of God. If you were not there you really missed something.