“Get Silly” Hip-Hopper V.I.C. “Not Just A Dumb Rapper… I’m Gifted”

He has the whole country “getting silly” to his infectious dance track but newcomer V.I.C. gave SOHH a serious moment as the “African Prince of College Park” weighed in on the beef between his friend Soulja Boy and Ice-T, revealed why he’s “not just a dumb rapper” and shared the real story on how he got signed.

Before he cut tracks, V.I.C. was cutting hair in Atlanta. Mr. Collipark and his brother Derrick Crooms of Young Mogul Entertainment used to get lined up at a barber shop near where V.I.C. worked and every time the then-aspiring rapper saw them, V.I.C. said he’d hound them with a demo.

“I’d go over there, chase them down and put a CD in their hand,” he told SOHH. “I just kept doing that, faithfully.”

But he never got any good feedback and was close to giving up. “One day I was like really, really, really fed up … I was like, ‘God, I’m tired of this.’ V.I.C. recalled. “[God] said, ‘I want you to go up to them and give them another CD.’”

Reluctant but obedient, V.I.C. did just that and the next day, Mr. Collipark showed up at his shop.

“He was like, ‘I wanna work with you, and I’ll have you signed within the year,’” V.I.C. said, leading him to ink a deal with Young Mogul/Warner Brothers Records.

The first single, “Get Silly,” off his upcoming debut album Beast stayed on Billboard’s Hot 100 for 10 straight weeks. Soulja Boy, Bun B, E-40, Pitbull, Polow Da Don, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Unk and Big Kuntry King all came through for the remix and V.I.C. said he didn’t even have to ask.

“It was just God’s favor,” he said. “Everybody was just calling up volunteering their service just off of straight love.”

Yet while he’s been getting respect form some of the OG’s in the rap world, he doesn’t agree with West Coast vet Ice-T calling out Soulja Boy for “single-handedly killing hip-hop.”

“That whole argument was just foolish,” V.I.C. said of the YouTube feud. “As time goes on, things is gonna change. Nothing stays the same. If you have a child one day he’ll be 7 and then he’ll be 17.”

V.I.C. counts himself as one of the many new, talented artists coming up.

“I’m not just a dumb rapper,” he expressed. “I really have something to offer to the world … I have a lot of songs talkin’ about my relationship with God because he’s why I’m here. As far as music, I’m gifted and my album will reflect that.”

Beast features Bun B, Hurricane Chris, Avant and gospel singer Canton Jones. Collipark and The Package Store, an in-house team, produced the project. The album hits shelves August 19.

Source: Sohh