Alley Cat drops Dancehall Knowledge vol 1

Fresh out the lot with a brand new album project, veteran deejay Alley Cat is taking his music to the next level. Dancehall Knowledge Vol 1, which was recently released by the songwriter, is boasting some uplifting and rebellious music; something that Alley admits was deliberate.

“It’s inspiring with a little bit of rude bwoy touch but 95% reality-based defending the struggles of the people, all songs except track 11 was created and written by me.”

Alley Cat who has been working behind the scenes as a producer/artiste, says everything is in place to make the album a successful one. “The first video single has been out and has been doing well on RETV and CVM TV top 10 countdown. Several radio stations has also been giving some great rotation and I’m not just talking locally but overseas as well. Everyone who has heard the album has been giving me positive feedback for which I am grateful.”

As far as guest appearances goes, Alley was quick to point out that there would only be a handful. “I have appearances by Red Square, Mitch, Fiona, Tenor Blue who comes all the way from Miami, Florida and also newcomers Badd Cash, East Coast and Scorpion.”

In giving his final word on the new project, Alley promises anyone who hears Dancehall Knowledge Vol 1 that they will have nothing but high praises to sing. “The songs are really good and will stick with the people, this is not a bubble gum album, this album is strong from start to finish and will seal and gain the respect of music critics everywhere.”

Source: JamaicaObserver


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