Another day, another feud in the dancehall.

Popular radio disc jock Liquid says he has been threatened by Roache, former manager of deejay Vybz Kartel. Roache, whose real name is Patrick Samuels, has however denied the allegations.

Liquid says he was at home when he received a call from the station. He says his colleagues told him that Roache came to the office and made threats against his life. Liquid told The STAR that Roache was in the office cursing that he had not played his song Baby Mother Pushing Prom.

Upon hearing this, Liquid alleges he called Roache but was greeted with “yuh p$#y, a gunshot some man a go get”. He claimed he tried calling back but says another male answered the phone and repeated the sentiments that Roache had previously expressed.

When The STAR contacted Roache, he was obviously upset as he says he heard on the radio that he had threatened the DJ. He says he merely went to the office to voice his concerns to the manager, but she was not in office so he decided to voice his concerns in the office.

He says Liquid’s report of the situation was incorrect as he did not threaten him.

“Mi nuh threaten Liquid. Mi jus’ tell him fi watch weh him a do in the music ’cause mi nuh love weh him a do,” said Roache.

He confirmed that he had visited the station’s office and had received a phone call from Liquid while he was on his way out. However, he says Liquid’s recount of the line of conversation between them was incorrect.

“Him call mi an’ mi seh: Memba when di bwoy dem did waan kill yuh an’ mi tell yuh? Yuh see di next time when a man a go shoot yuh, yuh tink mi a go tell yuh. Nuh call back mi phone!,” Roache said.

He says Liquid was threatened on a previous occasion for not playing songs on the radio. He says he was the one who convinced the men not to harm the DJ.

Liquid however denies these allegations. “Ask him (Roache) if him eva pay mi fi play him riddim yet? Is not a hype mi a look off a dis. Mi naah try no publicity stunt,” commented the DJ.

Prior to this fracas, Liquid says he had a friendly relationship with Roache so he was shocked to learn about the threats. He says he has pushed songs and rhythms on the station for Roache in the past, but he did not get around to playing the song he received from Roache only two weeks ago.

Liquid says he has reported the matter to the police but checks by The STAR to find out if this was done proved futile.

“Dis a nuh no Razz an’ Biggy ting. Dem cyaan f#@wid mi. Mi nuh tek intimidation. Bout bullet, bout man weh come from country, who dem tink dem a deal wid? Why him neva bullet Kartel when dem did have dem tings?,” Liquid who is from St. James said.

Roache says he has no intentions of threatening anyone, but urged that the disc jocks stop taking payola to play songs. He also said that there were at least nine producers working on the radio who were pushing their own rhythms and songs and that should stop.

He says these disc jocks should play the songs they receive and allow the public to decide what is good instead of playing what they feel the public should hear.