Appleton May Daze – The Movie

Saturday, April 17, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): For the past 3 years the promotional team at GoodCompany has taken you on a journey of fun, frolic and fantasy, treating you to more than just the ordinary party experience. With their signature 5 nights of quality entertainment, good music and good vibe, they proudly proclaim that the norm is old news and creativity breathes life with this new movement of good, clean and vibrant fun.

This year the promoters have teamed up with Appleton Jamaica Rum yet again for an exciting series that is guaranteed to be well… A Box Office hit, its lights, camera, action as The Promoters from GoodCompany bring to you APPLETON MAY DAZE – The Movie.

‘APPLETON May Daze – The Movie will be the most memorable event of the year and will continue to be the ultimate jump-off party experience to the summer and claim its spot as being one of Jamaica’s most highly anticipated events on Jamaica’s Party Calendar.

Appleton May Daze, in just two years, has taken over the party scene and with over 2500 patrons weekly, the promoters have decided to take the concept to the Box Office with this new theme.

Every Friday will see the titles and concepts of some of the most popular movies of all time being captured in five weeks of parties and with its new venue the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, patrons are able to get a little more space to dance and enjoy the best vibe that the series has to offer.

Friday May 7th
FRIDAY “Ghetto Fabulosity” – This popular 90s Urban Movie is easily one of the top movies of all time. Featuring actors Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, the movie carries a hot setup of ghetto fabulous looks and swag, which will be evident throughout the decor and vibe of the party. Patrons will be enjoying 2 for 1 Appleton Drink Specials All Night. Music will be provided by Zj Johnny Kool, Zj Ice, Razz & Biggy and Dj Shine. Patrons are being encouraged to come out looking Ghetto Fabulous. The Person who rocks it the best will win an AMD gift Package.

Friday May 14th
Sex and the City “The Chick Flick”
– This modern day liberation movement has captivated the hearts of females everywhere as it portrays life and love in the big city. Carrying the same concept to our signature ladies night, the promoters plan for fabulous, high fashion and stunning ladies to fill the venue like that of Manhattan streets. Patrons will be enjoying 2 for 1 Appleton Drink Specials All Night. Music will be provided by Zj Liquid, Zj Ice, Dj Narity and Dj Shine. Ladies, come out looking stunning and you could be walking away with an AMD gift package.

Friday May 21st
Dancehall Queen “Da 90s Movie deh”
– Made in the 90’s during the boom of dancehall music, this popular movie has become almost synonymous to the great music and culture of Dancehall. To this day the memories of Beenie Man and Chevel Franklin performing the movie’s sound track still bring chills to its audience everywhere and recaptures the 90s vibe. This vibe will resound through a venue made popular because of the Jamaican Culture. Patrons will be enjoying Appleton Mug Madness mixes all night. Music will be provided by Kurt Riley, Arif Cooper and Zj Ice.

Friday May 28th
Scary Movie “The Horror Flim Show” – No Movie line-up can be complete without a horror movie. Patrons will be urged to dress up like zombies and ghouls as we transform the venue into a complete horror flick and costume party. The person with the most creative Scary Movie Outfit will win an AMD gift Package. Patrons can come out and enjoy 2 for 1 Appleton Drink Specials ALL Night. Music will be provided by Richie Ras, Kingston All Stars and Dj Karyzma.

Friday May 35th (June 4th)
Because the month of May only has 4 Fridays this year, the promoters had to think of some way to continue the 5 night Friday experience, for the patrons who just can’t get enough of the Appleton May Daze vibe. Hence, this year for the first time Good Company will be introducing Appleton June Plum – the Appleton May Daze bonus party on Friday June 4th Only.

Stomp the yard “The Last Dance Movie”– is set to be the theme for this bonus party. This popular dance flick has the high energy that is expected to be pouring down from the heavens on the final night of the Appleton May Daze series. Known to carry the largest crowd of the series, the promoters hope to see high energy and intense partying throughout the entire night as the Appleton May Daze Movie reel comes to a climatic conclusion. The Musical Mastery of Kurt Riley, Zj Liquid and Zj Ice will be on show case while patrons ensure more 2 for 1 Appleton Specials. Monitors will be on the look for the person with the most vibe and energy of the night as they will be leaving with An AMD Gift Package.

The event series has always been able to maintain a great level of affordability which is a major contributing factor why it has found itself being embraced by the many patrons who support it year after year. Not only is the general entry a mark of its affordability but also the fact the AMD VIP Access Card is also another great way to save and still securely enjoy what Appleton May Daze has to offer. Ladies will continue to enjoy free entry before 11pm.

Benefits Include of The AMD VIP Access Card:
• Entry for cardholder to all five nights and a guest for the first four nights.
• Card Holders get Free Drink on entry each night
• Discounts at Appleton May daze Affiliate Stores (To be announced)
• VIP/Secured Parking

And some say affordable entertainment was dead, HA!!

Appleton May Daze as you know could not be possible without the continued support of its partners, Appleton Jamaica Rum, Taboo Energy Drink, Mandingo Roots Tonic wine, JP Tropical Foods and unquestionably the support of the many media affiliates but the special thank you is reserved for the Good Friends (Patrons) of Appleton May Daze.