Bar-Bee cut out of Sean Kingston video, Alleged to have overshadowed Nicki Minaj

Bar-Bee’s publicist, Trea Davenport, is claiming that she has no idea why her artiste was completely cut out of Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj’s Letting Go music video.

“Obviously somebody cut her out. She was featured over 30 times. When we saw the video, of course we were disappointed. You can see with your own eyes that somebody decided to chop the video up. We can’t say why, we don’t know why,” Davenport, of Trea Day Management and Publicity, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

barbee sean kingstonWhen the video was shot in June with Nicki Minaj and Sean Kingston in Ocho Rios, Bar-Bee played the lead role. And there was much attention around her role in the video.

However, when the actual video was premiered last week, Bar-Bee was nowhere to be featured, and it became obvious that she was taken out of the video. The only evidence of the singer was her pair of black heels shown at the beginning of the video.

But in another version of the video, seemingly the first, the tall voluptuous Bar-Bee was seen making an entrance. She was also seen several times throughout the video, dancing alone or with Sean Kingston.

Davenport said there were speculations on several websites and blogs that Minaj or her label decided to cut Bar-Bee out of the video as she overshadowed Minaj.

However, “Bar-Bee is not accusing Nicki of this. She is just focusing on her new video with Trina. We don’t know why (she was cut) and we didn’t enquire. The media is just speculating that it is coming from the record label,” she said.

But Davenport believes Bar-Bee was cut because of her ‘looks’.

“Bar-Bee is six feet tall and she has the perfect body. Everything about Bar-Bee is natural. It’s the look ’cause she wasn’t even singing. I don’t see how Nicki Minaj could have been so intimidated,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“Nicki also calls herself Barbie. Bar-Bee is a namesake for her, so to have this other ‘barbie’ obviously would have been a challenge.”

Davenport said the disappointment they felt on seeing the video was heightened by the fact that Bar-Bee was invited to be part of the video.

“They asked her to come. Sean Kingston and his family asked her to be the star girl in the video. She had other stuff to do and she took the time out and came to Jamaica,” she said, noting that Bar-Bee has known Kingston since they were both youngsters.

Nonetheless, Davenport said the Bar-Bee and Trina song, Come See About Me, is on the soundtrack for the movie ‘House Arrest’, which features Bar-Bee, rapper The Game and actress Stacey Dash. The movie was filmed last year and will be released soon.

Source: JamaicaStar