Bar-Bee proud of Feel So Good

Singer Bar-Bee is enjoying success with her latest single, Feel So Good. Since its release the song has made its way to local and international charts such as Hype, RE TV and the New York chart.

The video is also getting hits on YouTube and sever television and cable stations in the States. Among some of the comments the singer has been receiving is about the quality of the video.


The single, which is recorded on the Rare Diamond label, has ben garnering a lot of attention for the singer in markets such as Colombia, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

The video was shot at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston under the direction of Ras Tingle and lived up to its same in every way. The directors wanted to live up to Feel So Good title of the song and if the feedback coming from viewers is anything to go by they have done just that.

The single was produced by Dean Fraser and is an acknowledged favourite of Bar-Bee. According to Bar-Bee she is drawn to and has developed a natural love for the soft, mellow, silkiness of old-school music, and she wanted to recapture that feel with this single.

“I’m always happy to make music that soothes the soul and thrills the heart,” said the singer. “A lot of people have told me they are tired of the constant negative lyrics and heavy beat pounding at them, they want something sweet and mellow, and I was all too happy to give them that.”

Source: JamaicaObserver