Bass Odyssey Interview – King Addies & Killamanjaro Clashes

Keithy and Damion from Bass Odyssey chat to Gibbo to break down their 2013 clashes with King Addies and Killamanjaro. Plus they explain the idea behind the “Kill Or Be Killed” clash series which they will be launching soon.

Watch the interview to find out

* If they feel they were destined for victory in Hartford
* If anything Addies did surprised them, and how they feel the Brooklyn sound upped their game to face them
* Why they couldn’t execute their game plan in Tampa
* If it was agreed that a “Tune Fi Tune” round would definitely take place in Tampa, and if they still feel one was necessary.
* If they think King Pin and A1 are the “real deal”
* Exactly what happened at the end of the “Real Deal” clash with Killamanjaro in Trinidad
* If they are counting the clash with Killamanjaro as a Bass Odyssey victory
* What the “Kill Or Be Killed” clash series is, and how it will work

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