BBC recognises Wasp's 'Cry Fi Haiti'

Singjay Wasp is getting international attention for the remake of his song Cry Fi Dem as a tribute to Haiti after it was recently struck by a massive earthquake.

Wasp says the Haitian remake of the song, which was released over the weekend, has already got airplay on BBC and has gained him attention from other overseas media. The original song Cry Fi Dem was released in October of 2009 and according to Wasp, it got a good response. Now after the earthquake, which was the largest Haiti has suffered in more than 200 years, Wasp has changed some of the lines to suit the occasion and dubbed the remake Cry Fi Haiti.

He told THE STAR: “Before di Haiti incident, a lot of the lines talked about people being homeless, without food, so mi just flip it and just represent dem. So is like the song get another mileage and is also an anthem fi dem. Me woulda like to do whatever me coulda do fi dem and the song is a way of lending a helping hand.”

The song says: “Mi haffi cry fi di Haitian dem who don’t have no food to eat/ Haffi cry fi di Haitian dem who no longer have nowhere to sleep/ Dis a fi who lose dem life inna di earthquake, may dere soul rest in peace.”

He continues: “Now earthquake tek di place and everybody grieving/ Down to di likkle baby don’t have nuh feeding/ Over three million people weeping, dem need a helping hand/we should be reaching.”

On, the song has been getting a number of positive remarks from fans. One person commented: “Yo, dis tune hard, real thing, mi feel it to mi heart.”

According to a report made on BBC, estimates of the numbers killed in the Haitian earthquake range from 50,000 to 200,000. Since then, assistance from around the world, including the local entertainment fraternity, has been pouring into the country, which is noted to be the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

Outside of Cry fi Haiti, the singjay has a number of new tracks to be released soon, including Skip Dem Out and So In Love/They Say. Last week, he released his latest video medley on the Style and Swagga rhythm which features fellow entertainers Adrenaline, Beenie Man, Terro 3000, Tifa, RDX and Voicemail. The video is directed by Gareth Cobran of ID Studios.

Source: JamaicaStar