Bling Dawg still determined to make it

“Mi is like a balloon that is being filled with water, it muss buss, suh mi just a gwaan put een the work.”

Words of dancehall artiste, Marlon Williams, aka Bling Dawg, who says that despite being in the music business for so long, he is not about to give up.

The artiste says that he is currently in studios, working on some new singles and making preparations for the video for both songs.

The songs, Swagga Juice and Bloggers, are set to be released shortly. However, Bling Dawg says he does not want to record too much songs and then not have the avenue to promote them.

“When yuh record a whole heap a song and yuh nuh have nuh market fi it, the song dem go to waste,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He added: “Right now, the focus is on Bloggers, the concept is all about persons who use the net (Internet) as a means of showing us how they feel about the music that we are doing. Some are negative, some are positive, but that just motivates us as artiste.”

And for his other single, Swagga Juice, it’s all about how original a person is.

“It (the song), basically a talk bout di man dem wha nuh really original, suh wi seh dem a drink swagga juice,” he pointed out.

The artiste says he is more mature in age as well as lyrics, and he is very focused on his career right now and will not stop until he gets what he deserves.

“Mi just a put een my work, suh mi can stand up pon mi own,” he said.

Bling Dawg also warned that fans should also look out for Assailant, another artiste in their camp, “Him bad … watch out fi him.”