Bottles, blood and gunshots end Follow Di Arrow

Follow Di Arrow, which throughout its promotion encouraged everyone to ‘keep the unity’, had that sentiment shattered to pieces when during Bounty Killer’s performance, bottles and stones started to rain on the stage.


The event, which was held at the James Bond Beach in St Mary, came to a grinding halt this morning when Killer took centre stage and started to make a comment on a story which was carried in a newspaper. He did not get to finish whatever he was about to say as at that point all hell broke loose.

Bottles and stones rained down and sounds of gunshots could be heard. Patrons scampered under the stage or just about any other place that seemed safe enough to offer protection from the violent and frightening attack. A cross and angry Killer, who had exited the stage just seconds before, made a sudden return shouting, “Mi nah run, after mi nah play dandy shandy”. The artiste did not live up to his words though, as just seconds later he was seen along with other members of his Alliance team running for cover from the angry crowd.

No one knows for sure if the gunshots were from policemen in the venue or from other sources. At the front of the stage, two men tried to carry a wounded pregnant woman to safety without much luck as dozens of bottles were flying. Dozens of other patrons were seen all bloody, some screaming in anguish while others just cowered, trembling in despair.

DJ Sunshine was seen cowering on the stage with someone kind enough to place a chair over her for protection.

And Ragashanti, who minutes before was urging the crowd to “stay calm”, had to beat a hasty retreat as the bottles pelted the stage.

The Observer could not ascertain the status of those injured, as when this reporter made an exit, the attack was still in full force as members of the security forces tried feverishly to quell the violent uproar.

Source: jamaicaobserver

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