Bounty Killer Expresses Concern For Vybz Kartel Being Behind Bars


Legendary Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has spoken out about his two biggest rivals within the industry; rubbishing claims from one while showing concern for another.

Bounty Killer appeared on CVM’sOnStage this past Saturday; addressing recent comments by Beenie Man where the “King of the Dancehall” accused the “Grung Gaad” of sabotaging him after agreeing to host a joint event. Beenie Man gave an interview earlier on the show, telling Winford Williams that he and Bounty Killer had a deal to stage an event at the Ewarton Sports Complex in St. Catherine on New Year’s Eve after they both agreed not to perform at STING 2011. 

However, Bounty Killer denied claims that an agreement was ever reached; insisting that Beenie Man should have addressed STING promoter, Isaiah Laing’s disparaging comments about them in a stronger fashion. Additionally, he implied that Beenie Man is running from a potential confrontation at Jamworld.

“Mek him pay for it, doe run from di clash,” Bounty Killer said.
“We never had any deal. Beenie is a man..him just say words yuh no and Jamaica know this. Beenie jus’ say things to look good,” he added.

As a result, Bounty Killer intimated that wants a lyrical clash with Beenie Man for free; stating that he will defeat his rival of nearly 20 years at the Diamond Splashevent in Negril on December 23.
“Diamond Splash..mi a go hol’ him (Beenie) for free. Mi no wan no money fi kill nobody. I kill for fun, not funds. Di 23rd, Jamaica got my word. Jus’ put di fish out deh, and mi scale him and gill him and kill him,” he said.

Bounty Killer also claimed that Beenie’s yet to respond to a recent diss song he released entitled, Shut Up and has never lost a clash to the Rum and Redbullsinger.

Meanwhile, the “Grung Gaad” blasted the STING 2011 clash line-up that Laing organized; claiming the lyrical battles scheduled for the event including Merciless vs. Kiprich don’t impress him.
“Di likkle cartoon weh dem a gwaan wid (STING), a nuh my size dat. A big fish mi kill, not ticky ticky,” he said, before calling Merciless “an over-aged ghost,” after suggesting that Kiprich would have no trouble defeating him.

Meanwhile, Bounty Killer expressed sympathy and concern for his former protégé turned rival, Vybz Kartel who faces a slew of charges in a pair of murder cases in which he’s the central figure. Bounty stated that he’s hurt by Kartel’s situation while claiming that he still has love and respect for his former friend and pupil.
“It’s a sad situation. We as ghetto ute come and pass di worst, to fall back in a situation like this. It’s really tragic,” he said.

Additionally, Bounty explained that, “Me and Kartel is not enemy…jus’ frens dat fall out and we not seeing eye to eye any more. Deep in my heart, there’s love for Kartel. Mi hate a lot a tings about Kartel. I love Kartel before I have a problem wid him. I tink love deep down within a lot of hurt.”
Bounty Killer recently held a church service at Club Riddim in New Kingston, where he led a word of prayer for Kartel, hoping that his situation will turn for the better. According to Bounty, the prayer was from the heart and had some effect given that Kartel was granted bail on one of his murder charges soon thereafter.


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