Bounty not Charged

Up to late Sunday afternoon, the Black River police were unable to say whether or not Rodney Price, popularly known as Bounty Killer, would be charged for expletives he used while performing Saturday night at Hype 2K8.

Price, who hurled expletives after expletives during his stage performance, showed no regard for the police who were on hand to provide security for the event.

As a result, the Killer’s performance was not up to scratch because he spent the time using expletives as well as trying to come up with reasons why homosexuals should be killed.

When contacted by The STAR for a comment, Constabulary Communication Network representative for St Elizabeth, Corporal Sophia Daley said she was not on duty, and was not in a position to say whether or not charges were laid against the entertainer.

“I am not certain as to whether or not as this time charges have been laid against the artiste in question,” Corporal Daley said, while adding that there should be a report on what took place from the officers who were on duty there.

However, one police officer who spoke with the STAR at the station said there was no entry in the logbook up to 3 p.m yesterday.

Source: JamaicaStar