Byron Messia’s Talibans Certified Gold in Canada and Silver in the UK

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International dancehall star Byron Messia is certainly making his mark globally and is quickly silencing his detractors with his overwhelming international success. The singjay recently came under heavy criticism following what he describes as an attempt to smear his image by a seemingly vindictive Instagram influencer who posted only two parts of a very long series of posts talking about the success of his single entitled Talibans“. According to Byron Messia, he is very grateful for the love and support he is receiving globally and he is not bothered by naysayers.

“I must say thanks to god, my fans, my team and even my haters. Success brings jealousy especially when yuh do it big at a very young age so I am not surprised by the mind games dem a try play Pon Di people dem. My fans mean everything to me and smart people know how to pick sense from nonsense. Thank you for making Talibans Gold in Canada and Silver in the UK already” stated Byron Messia.

According to Byron Messia’s publicist Karl Durrant, the current global success of Talibans may lead to greater international opportunities for other dancehall artists.

“Record labels operate in theory like musical banks as such when a dancehall artiste sells big numbers it makes it easier for other artistes to get signed to major labels. Any sensible person would understand this which is why I am so disappointed in some local musical pundits who are accepting money to attempt to stop Byron Messia’s progression. If yuh do dancehall music and a fight Byron Messia yuh a fight yourself unu Fi have sense. Me tired fi tell unu seh unity is strength and that collaborative effort is the way forward but some man just dunce and badmind.” stated Karl Durrant.

Byron Messia is currently busy honouring busy touring schedule as well as promoting his new single entitled Mad Dawgs. Byron Messia has soon-to-be-released music with superstars Chris Brown and Sean Kingston.