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Best of Kyng Tavii

Watch the Best of Kyng Tavii video playlist on Jahkno TV featuring some of his most recent sketches “Him Ruh,” “Tell Ar Straight,” “Church Offering,”

Jamaicans Try Wasabi Peas

Jnel Comedy – Jamaicans Try Wasabi Peas (JNEL COMEDY MEMBERS) 1. Jnel IG :@JnelOfficial_1 2. Bijah IG : @Abijah_23 3. Buhn IG : @Buhn_Reactions 4.

Tavii Kyng: Customs

CUSTOMS, know infamously for their high storage and clearance fees, think yuh know thief but yuh nuh know thief till yuh buck up inna CUSTOMS.

Kyng Tavii: This Is My Son

Pretty girl get Son, watch as Tavii tek weh Arjay target wid ease. Written, edited and directed by Tovaughn Hamilton, shot by Claud Watkis.

Jamaicans Try Durian Candy

Jamaicans Try Durian Candy