Ce'Cile jets off on European tour

Dancehall diva Ce’Cile left the island on Tuesday for Europe where she is set to perform at three shows in France and one in Germany. Meantime, the dancehall ‘badgyal’ will also be promoting another single from her European album.


The fashion-forward singer is down to perform in Lyon on April 2, Toulouse on April 3, and in Marmande at the Festival Garorock on April 4. She will then hop over to Germany where she is to perform at Manheim. While on tour Ce’Cile will be backed by the European-based Soul Fire band.

promote single

While in Germany she will also be promoting the new single Talk Talk from her BadGyal album. This will be the last single to be promoted from the album, as work has already begun on a new album that she intends to drop sometime this year.

The new album, she says, will be a bit different from her previous works. “The direction will change a bit on this new album,” she said. “It will be more up-tempo dancehall, danceable beats with a minor mixture of reggae and hardcore dancehall rhythms.”

After spending the past few weeks voicing singles for a variety of producers, including Don Corleon and Robert Livingston of Sickron Entertainment/Big Yard, Ce’Cile hinted that when she returns from her European tour she will be working to make an even bigger impact both here and in the United States.

work different

“I really need to come back and get back on my recordings and my public appearance in Jamaica,” she said. “But we are also going to work a bit different this year. We want to concentrate on going a bit more international on the American side of things.”

And as she had intimated earlier this year, the days of producing one album for Europe and another for the rest of the world are over. Her next album, the second of her three-album deal with Japanese label Avex, will be done for all markets. “I have been concentrating on Europe. The next album, we want it to be just one version for everywhere.”