Cecile makes Playboy

Dancehall artiste Ce’cile has never pretended to be a goody-two-shoes. Quite the opposite, in fact. So it should come as no surprise that this self-proclaimed ‘bad gyal’ has found her way into that steamy, in-demand publication, Playboy.

Sorry, there’s no need for outrage or lascivious thoughts, Ce’cile’s entry into the mag is strictly business. Her latest CD, entitled Bad Gyal (what else?) has been given a review in the August edition of Playboy – the German edition – making her the first dancehall act to be so highlighted.

Since it’s Playboy, the reviewer chose a picture of a seductively posed Ce’cile (fully clothed) with a headline stating that “Die Jamaikanerin Ce’cile mixt auf ihren debüt Reggae genial mit Hip Hop und Pop”.

Ce’cile, who does in fact know a few words of German, says she was actually quite surprised when she was shown the article in the magazine. Although she knew that the record company was pulling out all the stops in this promotional campaign for the CD, she didn’t quite have Playboy on her mind.

“This is Playboy we’re talking about, and with the readership that they have, this is really great marketing and promotion for the CD,” was her initial response. She then added, “It’s a good feeling, who knows what will follow?”

She noted that some people, upon hearing, will probably think that her entry into Playboy was as a pin-up, “but what the hell?” she asked with a laugh. She said this was just another demonstration of the impact of reggae/dancehall music.

“Our music is multilingual and this is why people from all across Europe, many of them who don’t speak English or Jamaican patois, can easily embrace the music and us the artistes,” she noted.

Ce’cile recently returned from a tour of Europe, where she was promoting Bad Gyal, which is strictly for the European market.

– Yasmine Peru
Source: JamaicaObserver