Cobra and Merciless throw disses at each other

The exchange of words between deejays Merciless and Cobra has been reignited following Cobra’s response to comments made by Merciless in a release sent out recently.

In a statement sent to THE STAR yesterday, Merciless, who is known for recent songs such as Amber Alert and Letter to Ma Momma, had disparaging things to say about Cobra and a possible clash at Sting.


Merciless said: “I am not clashing with Cobra at Sting this year because he is not in my league. He hasn’t had a hit song since 1994. I am singing songs that are socially relevant. Him ah focus more on managing his buses dem on the Portmore route. I am ready to take on the Killer at Sting but I am not sure he is up to the challenge since it come in like him turn into Mavado backup artiste now.”

kartel yard boy
The sharp-witted deejay Cobra, after hearing Merciless’ comments, was quick to respond with: “A wha do Kartel yard boy?”

“You can let Merciless know that I’m still waiting on the two passport-size pictures, his TRN and a letter from a good JP (justice of the peace), ’cause I still have some taxis that need drivers and some buses that need conductors. I hear that his taxi got write off.”

Regarding his so-called lack of hit songs, Cobra who recently released songs such as Buss It and Dash Weh, added: “Since when he (Merciless) had a hit? I have a slew of hits that live on and can still be played in the dancehall today. If he believes the letter he claims he wrote to his mother is a hit, it don’t connect, cause his mother never wrote him back.”

Last year, Cobra in an interview with THE STAR, discussed Merciless who had sent out word to Bounty Killer and Cobra, among others, but the deejay was not impressed. Cobra said Merciless, who was trying to make a comeback into the music business at the time, should consider entering 2008’s Digicel Rising Stars competition.

In the interview Cobra said: “To me, him come back as an angry, sorry man. And the ting is now, me can more than answer. Naa answer him, because me no count Merciless as a top contender, as a man fe follow up. ‘Cause if you follow up now, it come in like you a force water fe go over hill,”

Meanwhile, Merciless has been confirmed for a number of shows including his first performance in Portland at the Crystal Springs Family Fun Day as well as Sting, among other shows.

Source: JamaicaStar