D'Angel forgives Beenie – Couple appears to be working on relationship

After making several public appearances together in recent times, D’Angel says she has forgiven her husband Beenie Man and plans to leave their marriage in God’s hands.

The two were recently spotted at the Guinness premiere of The Expendables at the Carib theatre on Friday night. They hugged and walked closely, taking pictures for their fans, and the media, at intervals.

beenie man dangelAnd it was just last month that the couple performed together at Reggae Sumfest.

Despite what was a very bitter, public break-up in 2007, after getting married in 2006, the two seem to be on good terms and D’Angel says she has forgiven him for what transpired between them.

“Most definitely! ‘Cause, if God has forgiven us for our sins, who am I not to forgive him. I am stronger now and I am very focused. I have moved on from the past and I have forgiven him,” she told THE STAR.

She added, “If I forgive him, that don’t make me a stupid woman. I have learnt from it and I am stronger. I have overcome. I can battle any weather. I am like the Rock of Gibraltar.”

As for working on their marriage, D’Angel was reluctant to say much.

“Where our personal life is concerned, I would rather not comment. Where the marriage is concerned, we leave that in God’s hands. Marriages always have ups and downs,” she told THE STAR.

“Regardless of what happened in the past, we have to look beyond that. Me and Moses as husband and wife is something that we have to work on outside of the media,” she added.

And not only do they share a marriage, but D’Angel said they also share a child, who she wants to set an example for. In addition, she says she is a role model to many teenagers and women.

“At the end of the day, we entertain and we do music. So we have to set examples,” she said, noting that she has to live up to the brands that she represents like Coke Zero, Digicel and Access Financial Services.

D’Angel also noted that they have been making public appearances since 2008. However, she said: “Being with Moses in public, I am not doing it for recognition or hype. I am not looking for no success or fame as a result of this. If every artiste a call peace now, why can’t we?”

In the meantime, she said You Are My First, which she did with Beenie Man is doing well. So, too, is her other single Come Over. D’Angel is also set to release another track called Yes Mi Know, which features Beenie Man, in the near future.

Source: JamaicaStar