Daylyt: I’m Working on Joining Slaughterhouse

Prior to the release of the Total Slaughter reality TV show, Daylyt spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, and made a big revelation regarding his status with Shady Records and the highly respected rap crew, Slaughterhouse.

Road to Total Slaughter Ep. 1

Daylyt began by sharing some details on his friend UTK’s upcoming musical project, Dope. Daylyt explained that he’ll be working on the production end of things rather than be featured musically or in the spotlight of the cameras.

He eventually transitioned to discussing a deal that he was in the middle of working out with Slaughterhouse. Daylyt stated that his goal was to become the official 5th member of the group. He has since posted a blog addressing his fans about his lack of interest in his upcoming KOTD BOLA 5 battle vs. Charlie Clips, where he officially announced that he has been signed by Eminem to Shady Records.