Denyque's Summer Love hits iTunes

Every girl’s summer anthem is now available in popular music marketplace, iTunes. Denyque’s Summer Love was released on iTunes a few weeks ago, but the singer decided to hold back on announcing it pending the release of the video for the song.

While the song is continuing to boom locally, the artiste’s manager Jade Lee says that it is starting to make waves in other markets.

denyque“What we noticed when Summer Love was just released is that there was a definite interest in this song and more so in Denyque’s sound. She has an interesting mix of dancehall, pop and a little R&B happening for her and it is fresh,” Lee commented.

She continued that the time was right to make the official announcement that the track is available on iTunes, especially since Denyque continues to receive approval from internet users, music lovers, entertainers, producers, critics and fans.

While the Cash Flow-produced Summer Love seem set to heat up iTunes, Denyque is already preparing to release more singles before the summer is out. She has been hard at work with producers like Jeremy Harding, Neil Mitchell and Conroy Forte.

At 20 years old, this singer/songwriter has reached a level of musical maturity that is far beyond her years with a distinctive and innate talent that promises to be one of Jamaica’s finest. Denyque is determined to take her place in music history.

Since Summer Love premiered on local television two weeks ago, Jamaicans have been logging on to social networking site Facebook and video-hosting website YouTube to see the video, which Denyque is very pleased about.

“Everyone is giving me such good feedback on the video, and I know that doing a video can be a tricky thing, so to get great reviews on my first attempt makes me really happy and excited.” She says that plans to take the video to the North American and Caribbean markets will give the song that added element to make it a success on iTunes.

Watch Denyque’s Summer Love video below:

Source: JamaicaObserver