DJ Naz Gainz Success as a Recording Artiste

dj naz gurlpower

With music running through her veins, it is no surprise that the popular disc jockey, Nazaria ‘DJ Naz Gurlpower‘ Davis would eventually sojourn into actually recording music. The fact that she has been gaining traction with her recent recordings however is a welcome confirmation for the talented first female winner of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness clash competition.

The daughter of reggae songstress Joy White (‘First Cut is the Deepest’ and ‘Dread Out De’), DJ Naz has been making studio runs since she was in pampers. Her sister Mystic Davis has also seen international musical success with the likes of chart topping producers Major Lazer and her brother Ikan is based in the US as a producer and studio engineer. Without a doubt this family love for the art is a great influence in her decision to record music herself.

I used to go to the studio with my female friends and fool around in the recording booth. I actually wanted to rap as my favorite artistes were Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. I also went to school for studio engineering so it’s always been a real interest for me, now that my singles are gaining even more attention it’s just more motivation to continue

Naz explained

Already seeing her first official single Talk The Truth’, recorded about five years ago, make strides during the Pandemic and earning her dub plate recordings; the disc jock is putting all her energy on her new single ‘Hustla Mentality‘ which has been receiving radio play both locally and overseas.

While she finds it difficult sometimes to balance disc jockey life and the new artiste element, Naz loves investing in herself on all sides of her musical talents.

Going into the studio it a vibe for me when putting the projects together and also shooting my videos. I’m grateful for the writing assistance from Junior X , Deeki Records and Xyclone on various singles but most of the flow and concept come from me and fit my personality and experience. Hustla Mentality is inspired by my own personality as a hustler, career woman and mom. I’m very hard working and push myself 100% and anyone who feels the same way then this song is for you,” Naz added

Hustla Mentality is produced by Naz’s own label Gurlpower Entertainment and Naznation Records and has an official video currently racking up views on her Vevo channel on YouTube. Naz also has her official birthday party set for this Saturday, April 29 at Prime Grill on Deanery Avenue off Mountain View Avenue in Kingston, the event called High Life will feature multiple djs and artiste cameos from Shane E, Kyodi and Razor B.


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