Eminem Hotel Room Robbed Night Of MTV Movie Awards

First he got a face full of Sacha Baron Cohen’s behind and now it has been revealed that Detroit superstar Eminem’s Los Angeles hotel room was robbed the same night.

According to New York’s Daily News, Shady’s hotel room was broken into last Sunday night (May 31), after the infamous MTV Movie Awards incident. The assailants reportedly walked off with thousands of dollars worth of Em’s possessions including a $60,000 diamond necklace and Slim’s laptop.


While rumors ran rampant after the Movie Awards stunt, with many people speculating that the stunt was real, a writer for MTV announced that it was indeed planned. The bit found Borat actor Sasha Baron Cohen, dressed as his effeminate Bruno character, fall on Eminem with his butt landing right in the rapper’s face, with Em subsequently storming out of the venue. The Relapse MC has yet to speak on the incident.

Source: Thisis50

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