Etana introduces 'Caltariba System'

Reggae songbird Etana is ready to bring the message of her recently released single, Caltariba System, to the television screen through a video she recently shot.

Caltariba System, which is on Etana’s debut album, The Strong One, is a powerful reminder of the harsh realities of the world and the importance of never giving up.


The video, which has already gained popularity on social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace, features a solem-looking, soulful-sounding Etana bringing across the message of Caltariba System.

“The songs means so much to me, I needed a video that would make people see, and understand, what I’m singing about. We are living in a crazy world and we need to open our eyes, look around us and help our fellow man,” Etana said.

In coming weeks, Etana will also deliver the video for the chart-riding single, Blessing, also featured on The Strong One album. In the song, Etana joins voices with crooner Alberosie to convey the idea that love is a blessing from above.

Blessing is the only duet on The Strong One and has been blowing up on local radio stations as well as Internet-based music streams out of Europe and Japan.

“I’m always happy when my music touches someone. Whether it’s a song with social commentary, like Caltariba System, or a song about the beauty of love, like what Blessing is. That’s what my music is there for; to make people sing and dance and think and be uplifted and empowered,” said Etana.

Source: Jamaicastar