GT Taylor’s Extravaganza Last Event Standing

GT Taylor’s Extravaganza has become one of the few remaining calendar events that have ridden out the worst of the recession to be among the “last events standing”. What began in and around other calendar events including Sting, with reservations of its December 25th staging, has become, pardon the cliché, larger than life. In its ten years Extravaganza has seen strided achievements. The event began with support from the entertainment arena, for which the Irie disc-jock GT “one up straight up” Taylor has given insomnia-like support to. Dubbing himself the “dance hall master” GT Taylor has represented the ambits of Jamaican music reggae and dancehall on all fronts.


Taylor who came to the reggae radio in the nineties with a distinct sound and willingness to speak the language of the common people, with its slangs and slurs earned disciples in Irie FM “residents” in radio-land. GT Taylor would keep listeners up on a Thursday – Friday Night with cutting edge new releases, mind reading selections and mustering of everyday people. Like religion, taxi operators, higglers, the little corner shops, and every little crevice where Irie FM was coming through your radio would tune in like clock work would tune in to “the dance hall master”.

GT Taylor Extravaganza not only braved one of the most cherished calendar dates to host a show on the Christmas Day but invested in St. Elizabeth to host their major event on that day. Starved for entertainment and shrouded by the stereo type that only Kingston or the major cities could host reggae events of significance. A number of reggae and dance hall promotions would later come and go. GT Taylor Extravaganza would prove that it was here to stay.

Christmas Day turned “Extravaganza Day”

The promotions commitment to the entertainment arena has bore fruit in other areas outside music and entertainment. Today part proceeds from Extravaganza go to worthy causes. Like Christmas Day, the day Extravaganza is presented on, is known as a giving day, so too is “Extravaganza Day”.

Working in tandem with the St. Elizabeth Care Committee, GT Taylor Extravaganza has helped to provide shelter for the homeless that would normally be seen loitering in and around St. Elizabeth. Proceeds from the event have helped to provide much needed food, clothing, medication and shelter for a number of homeless persons. “Homelessness is not a disease it’s a problem that we can do something about” GT Taylor said.



Now in its tenth year anniversary celebration staging, GT Taylor Extravaganza has aptly join synergy with a product that similar to Extravaganza broke down stereotypes to push the boundaries in adult drink, the Jamaican Viagra, yes…Jagra .Yesterday, November 2, promoter GT Taylor inked and shook hands on the deal that should witness both entities, the Wray and Nephew child, Jagra and St. Elizabeth’s Christmas Day event, Extravaganza taking this December 25th by storm.

“It’s a milestone achievement to get to ten. Over the years we have tried to keep the event running on time. This is a standard we try to maintain” says GT with all thanks to support from entertainment industry, media and their new title sponsors.


On hand to mark this milestone achievement were Karlene Walters, Brand Development Manager at Wray and Nephew and Andrew Price, Marketing Manager. Describing the new Jagra phenomenon, Walters, instrumental in the success of Magnum Tonic Wine describes the mellow vibes drink as the “cognac” of roots wine. Ms Walters also expressed enthusiasm with the new partnership with the St. Elizabeth event, Extravaganza as complimentary to that strategy. Andrew Price also agreed, explaining that what Wray and Nephew did was to geographically place the “Jamaican Viagra” Jagra in locations where it could be all in the face of roots wine lovers. And like most great wines, its ingredients horny goat weed, guarana (hard wood) ginseng among others served as sales pitches for the wine’s attraction. That’s not the only thing that will be all up in, Jagra and Extravaganza lovers face. According Andrew Price Jagra is also quite proud of the voluptuous figures associated with the drink, in Jagra Vixens. Drop jaws beautiful and sexy women of varying descriptions. “If you notice our Vixen girls are of different shades and appearances. This was intentional to give a wide perspective of our representation” Ms Walters explained.

“What we did was to strategize. We identified four great events that we could align with these included Sumfest, General Degree’s Manchester, popular street dances Passa Passa and Weddy Weddy among others”

Ms Walters explained. With classy promotional Sun Island T’s and caps tagged with their calling catch phrase “Rule Yuh Worl”, using entertainers to drop catchy jingles and the aphrodisiac-like ingredients of Jagra, the horny goat wine “sell off”.

“Just like GT Taylor Extravaganza is making waves with Extravaganza we at Jagra want to create waves with this prestigious promotion hopefully for another ten years. And as usual despite the event being promoted as a family oriented event, Walters emphasizes “drinking responsibly”. The signing of Jagra as title sponsors of the event took place at the Wray and Nephew, Tia Maria building on Spanish Town Road. “What this means is that Jagra in its extensive promotion will carry GT Taylor Extravaganza to all our street promotions and otherwise”. And in turn the efforts will be returned in GT Taylor’s use of Digital One’s public relations/promotions team, in print and electronic media of the December 25th staging.”

Extravaganza Posters Look Good

A dazzling tenth anniversary GT Taylor Extravaganza has artistes dripping off the poster. “We wouldn’t have the space to put everyone if we tried” says GT. This has become quite synonymous to the staging of Extravaganza each year. Year after year the Irie dis-jock GT Taylor contends not with putting together an exciting entertainment package which he does, through bringing together the best of the yesteryear with the best of today’s’ crop. This year the tenth anniversary is no different. From major headliner stalwarts and cornerstones, Marcia Griffiths, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley and Vegas to new comers Khago, G-Whizz and Sophia Squire along with sound systems. As a matter of fact yearly GT Taylor struggles with trying to wrap up the show owing to its multitude of artistes who attend the event.