Kedon Whyte , more popularly known as “Hitmaker” is back and ready to “CUT & CLEAR”. He has been under the radar for quite some time and taking some time away from the business, just re-evaluating his life and his career goal at hand. While away he recorded one of the “to be” smash hits “CUT & CLEAR” for “Hilltop Records” where he basically expressed his feelings towards what we here in Jamaica call “crosses”. “A music mi a do enuh, music mi love” is what he clearly stated in this single, as that is his main focus now during his powerful return to the business.


“I’m back and ready to live up to my name as the hitmaker” are words spoken from the artiste, as it was also shown in his current attitude towards his music and how he approached his other new singles, namely “Nah Si Mi Fail” by “Ricky G Records” and “Wah Tek You Home” by “Cashflow Records”. He admitted that now he is willing and ready to work and make it happen, as he said “if it is to be anytime, the time is now”.

Hitmaker is still getting crazy love for his single “Tell Yuh Bout Life” from over Belize, Cayman and many countries on the states. He is slated to shoot a video soon and his team is in place and promo is on, so be on the look out for “HITMAKER” in a country near you.

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Hitmaker – Cut & Clear – (Maverick Music) – (September 2010)

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