Jah Vinci denies being beaten

‘Why?’ is the response from singer Jah Vinci when asked about rumours circulating on the Internet, that he had been beaten and was planning to leave the Portmore Empire.

Rumours have been circulating on the streets for a while that the singer is unhappy in the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, but got more intense when it was circulated on the Internet that the singer had been beaten. According to a popular entertainment website in an article that was released yesterday, Jah Vinci was allegedly beaten in his face after commenting that he was unhappy in the Portmore Empire.

denied the rumours

When contacted by THE STAR yesterday however, Jah Vinci whose real name is André Kirk Rhoden, categorically denied the rumours of his beating and about him leaving the Empire. The Portmore Empire has been credited for ‘bussing’ his career in music. “A lie dat, a rumour” said Jah Vinci, who is known for songs such as Watch Yuh Friends and Wipe Those Tears.

He further commented, “last week mi hear sey mi hand broke and all kinda ting. I’ve been getting all kinda calls from people sey mi lef Empire – it’s not true. Everything is good.”

Rumours also claimed that Vybz Kartel, who heads Jah Vinci’s management team, was taking huge portions of the payments he received.

However, sources revealed that Jah Vinci complained about this, which led to his beating. There are also claims that photos were taken of the singer after his beating.

shows locally and overseas

According to Jah Vinci he has been busy working at a number of shows locally and overseas and has also been busy in the studio. Jah Vinci says he currently has a new single out called Got Sunshine. Jah Vinci is signed to the Portmore Empire since 2008 and has been doing several tracks with Vybz Kartel, the first one being Weh Dem A Guh, which brought the singer into the public spotlight.

In a previous interview with THE STAR, Jah Vinci had nothing but high praises for fellow deejay and mentor Vybz Kartel. He expressed how his life has changed since becoming a member of the Empire saying,

“Mi nah face no difficulty right now. Everything weh mi dream ’bout a come true. Mi used to wonder how mi a go get pon a show or how mi a go go certain studio. Mi nah fi worry ’bout how mi a go find the next meal ’cause a whole heap a thing a happen,” he said.

Source: JamaicaStar