Kimberly Nain Added To Port Royal Music Workshop

Press Release Courtesy Of: Rockwildaz Media

Ever since her first note, Kimberly Nain always managed to gain attention when in a crowd with her powerful vocal ability. Back in her high school years at ‘St. Jago High’, she gained experience in performing both in music and drama. She has continued to perform at various College & University events and is fast carving out a niche for herself within the entertainment industry.

Kimberly Nain

This Friday April 23, 2010, Kimberly has been invited to join an elite team of Jamaican entrepreneurs & entertainers who’s aim is to outline ‘The Critical Role and Impact of the Arts’ at the Port Royal All Age School in Kingston. Being an arts student in the field of Law at the University of Technology along with her artistic song writing and vocal skills as a young Jamaican, Kimberly is expected to bring to the forum a student’s perspective on the subject and one where individuals close to her age can relate.

The initiative embodies three sections, namely Motivator, Workshop & Project, all of which Kimberly is capable of part taking in. Attendees at the workshop can look forward to Kimberly Nain delivering an inspirational and entertaining segment at this Friday’s workshop at the Port Royal All Age School where she will leave an impressive impression on her audience. Other performers expected to perform on friday include the “Nah Stay Poor” new comer Boom Steppa, female singer Keida and dancehall deejay from New Jersey Conflict.