Konshens apologies to Fans in Mobay, after Accident on Video Shoot

While on the set, of his latest video ‘She’s Happy” ft. Delus, Saturday morning, Konshens while performing a very physical stunt, (which included him being accosted by a police officer, played by his brother-Delus). However while the scene was being shot, Konshens was accidently slammed into the front glass of Avery’s Beauty Concept at Bujon Plaza, Molynes Rd, causing the glass o shatter.


Luckily he failed to receive any major injuries to his face, however due to the direct frontal impact; several small pieces of small glass had entered the cavity of his eyes. This resulted in a postponement of several scenes in the video, and cancellation of his scheduled performance in Montego Bay for Saturday Night. The decision came after a family doctor recommended he remained in Kingston, for observation, if irritation to the eyes continues into Sunday.

Konshens wishes to apologies, and inform his fans, that he is recovering well, and that he is in fact in dismay, as he was eagerly looking forward to see them, and as such at the earliest time possible, he will aim to make an appearance in Montego Bay.

Source: Pen2Paper Creative Concepts