Leftside & Mystic Makes Relationship Public

Jamaica’s music industry was this summer introduced to the newest couple Craig Parks popularly known as Leftside and Jamaican dancer Mystic Davis, they also introduced themselves to their fans and later created a smash remix to Leftsides popular “Want Yuh Body”. The remix has been getting heavy rotation on local and regional airwaves as well as picking up interest in popular site Youtube.

Leftside & Mystic

The remix spells out there love for each other as they seek sexual favors from each other in a nicely coined way for radio play of course. “Face down, ass up” speaks volumes when dancer Mystic asks Leftside in Jamaican terms for “the fix”. The newly announced couple sees to be riding high on the success of there new single.

Not to get it twisted Mystic in her own right has recorded singles with other artiste and this latest addition to her catalogue is making her known in the music industry as a recording artiste and not only a dancer. This dancer is indeed creating new relationships everyday and Leftside is just the latest musical relationship she has created in her journey in becoming the next Jamaican female dancehall artiste. Yes the relationship is strictly professional. Leftside has publicly expressed satisfaction in his collaboration with Mystic and also given hints of a music video to be shot very soon for the popular “Want Yuh Body Remix”.

Article By: Kemar Daswell

Leftside & Mystic