Lisa Hyper and 21 Bad Gal

Only months after being booted from the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, Lisa Hyper has formed her own group, 21 Bad Gal.

“Yuh going to have Lisa Hyper and 21 Bad Gal. Seven young females, a mi artistes dem,” she told THE STAR.

The group members include Mercedes, Stylish, Tu Cute, Ski, Platinum, Princess Natisha and Lisa Hyper. The leader says there is a mix of cultural singers, R&B crooners and hard-core dancehall artistes.

She said she decided to start the group in mid-February in order to help other upcoming female artistes.

ability to help them

“I have a lot of young female artistes who look up to me and I have the ability to help them. I am going to use my resources to put them out there,” Lisa Hyper said, noting that she has a publicist and access to a studio.

“A whole heap a young female artistes have ability and mi waan help dem. Same reason Addi buss mi, mi waan buss dem ’cause mi nuh all fi miself,” Lisa Hyper told THE STAR.

Although relatively new to the entertainment game, she is confident that the job will be done and it does not depend on the number of years she has been in the business.

simple mathematics

“Once the person have good talent, it nuh matta if mi big enough. Yuh just haffi have the talent and somebody fi push and guide you,” she told THE STAR.

Lisa Hyper’s current manager, MC Nuffy, said he believes she can make the group work.

“With Nuffy with her, she can do anything. A simple mathematics how yuh deal with things. Mi prefer deal with the ladies. Dem easier fi deal wid and dem listen to yuh. Lisa Hyper a good artiste, she just need somebody fi guide her. I can mek she reach Lady Saw (level),” he said.

Despite the fickle nature of other groups, Lisa Hyper says 21 Bad Gal will be around for a long time.

“We nah go have any issues ’cause we done build a relationship. It ago come in like the whole a wi a sisters and me a di mumma. Once there is respect, love and unity inna di thing, nutten caan mash up dat,” she said, noting that there are plans to do songs and videos with all the group members when she returns from Canada in May.

Source: JamaicaStar