Lloyd Parts Ways With Murder Inc.

After asking fans to meet him on the “Southside” before officially becoming “Certified,” young R&B crooner Lloyd was making moves on the underground Atlanta music scene. Now it would seem that the starving artist has chosen to travel that road again, as he has officially severed times with his beleaguered former label, Murder Inc.

Speaking to fans through his website, Lloyd Music TV, the “Want You” artist revealed the method behind his madness.

“I’ve made a lot of changes. I’m happy than I’ve ever been. I’m happy to say I worked out my own release and I am very optimistic about the future. Every since I was signed, I was dedicated to trying to make good music…just trying to work with this rubble that I was given and make something out of it…I was forced to record my own music with my own money and my own friends while I was still under contract.”

Also putting Gotti on blast who has been lacking in his duties as a CEO and concentrating more on reality TV shows than his record company, Lloyd called the label “rubble” when describing its current state and talked about funding his sophomore album with his own money and his own friends while Murder Inc. had no distribution. Releasing the hit single “You” with Lil’ Wayne on his own, Lloyd says,

“Based on the success of the record, Irv and Murder Inc. were able to go out and find distribution through Universal which in return kind of forced me to stay where I was.”

Lloyd is currently in the lab working on his next project and just released his new single to the streets, “Pusha,” featuring Juelz Santana and “Party Girl.” He also added:

“Irv Gotti is out of touch. I haven’t spoken to Irv in over a year. The ultimate catalyst was the shift in momentum. I released a song called “You” which became successful. Shortly thereafter I released another song called “Get It Shawty.” I had to fight to get my songs out. So here you have successful song followed by another successful song so what happened to the third successful song. I felt that we should keep going (and push the Street Love album) but instead my momentum was giving to Ja Rule to release a new project and I really felt like that wasn’t fair to me.”

Obviously that proved fatal and another mistake on Gotti’s part as Ja just finally released that album, The Mirror, two years later and free of charge to the Internet last month. It also didn’t help that his comeback single “Uh Oh” with Lil Wayne made him the first artist that couldn’t get any second hand heat from standing next to the “Fireman.”

Source: Hiphopwired