Lux Says He Isn’t Worried About Hollow Exposing Him – In this clip from his interview with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, Loaded Lux continued to speak on the evolution of his mental state leading up to his UW battle with Hollow Da Don on January 26th, at Club Envy in New Jersey. He explained how and when he made the switch to more conscious and uplifting styles of rap, and how it all revolved around the birth of his son. Loaded went on to talk about some of the lessons his father instilled in him to make him a more conscious person when it came his time to raise his own child.

Moving on, Lux commended Hollow for taking the battle as seriously as him, but isn’t worried about what Hollow might bring to the actual lyrical fight. While Hollow may know various details about Lux’s past, Loaded is confident in himself as a man and the things he went through in life, so he isn’t nervous about Hollow exposing anything about him.