Miss Kitty's ATI Checklist

Found this interesting and decide to share it work both for Dream Weekend and ATI patrons.

Everyone knows STAR of the Month, the ‘fluffy diva’ Miss Kitty, loves to party and always has the right vibe. Persons can look to see Miss Kitty this weekend in Negril for ATI. She gave the STAR her checklist of ‘must haves’ for ATI:


Hot Gal clothes – “Yuh affi have your outfit for all the different parties and the different occasions. Yuh haffi have yuh outfit for breakfast, lunch and dinner while at di hotel. Mek sure yuh hair and nails do and dat yuh heel back rub off cause you’ll be in slippers the whole weekend.

Must have a room – “Even if yuh car pool wid friends mek sure you have your own hotel sort out – no ‘bed pooling’. Hot gal don’t sleep in hotel lobby and when daylight a you dat at di beach a brush yuh teet in sea water.”

A Day and Night Perfume – “In the day yuh smell different something light and fun like ‘Daisy’ from Marc Jacobs. In di night it must be something overpowering that won’t sweat out when yuh a dance at ‘Juicy Couture’ or ‘Viva La Juicey.’

Have your make-up

Must have underwear – “Yuh mus have sufficient underclothes, carry enough bras and panties so yuh nuh haffi a wash out stuff … its not cute.”

Must have toothpaste, listerine and lotion.

A medicine kit – “Carry things if yuh get sick, cause you’ll be drinking and might get sick.”

Money – “Have up your money so you don’t have to beg and dance wid no man to get him lef back Hennessey. Anything can happen and yuh get sick so have yuh sick money.”

Attitude – “Most importantly have a good attitude and go to have fun!”