No 'creeping' around – Producer defends rhythm

Producer Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid says he would like to set the record straight and make it clear to the public that he is the one who created the Creepa rhythm and also produced Elephant Man’s hit single Gully Creepa.

According to Seanizzle, there seemed to have been some misunderstanding in the streets, as persons thought it was Daseca who produced the song.

“From wah day since mi touch di road an’ a campaign an’ a tell people sey a me produce Gully Creepa,dem a sey if mi sure sey a me like a some clown ting, but right now, mi would a like fi mek di clarification,” Seanizzle said.

Seanizzle, who has been in the music business professionally for four years, says he has created a number of other popular rhythms, including songs on the Stepfather rhythm (produced by Mr G), Fast Lane, a single on Buju Banton’s Too Bad album, which was also produced by himself and Mr G and the Reverse rhythm, which featured songs like Beenie Man’s Reverse Di Ting and Tony Matterhorn’s Si Down Pon It.

Diva lyrics

Seanizzle also said he produced a song for Keiva ‘The Diva’ called Problem and now his latest ‘creepa’ rhythm, which features Elephant Man’s popular Gully Creepa song, Dear Mama by Kapri and Ghetto Prayer by Tyrical.

So now, after having worked so hard, Seanizzle says he is only left to ponder, “how dem come about fi a tek claim an dem don’t even know di stress mi guh tru fi build dah rhythm yah an’ voice di artiste dem?”

When contacted, Craig of Daseca confirmed that the rhythm did not belong to them and that it must have been a misunderstanding. He says Daseca helped to build a rhythm called Gully Creature (not gully creepa), which featured Mavado’s Touch Di Road.

Now, Seanizzle says he will have to embark on a new campaign, but things should flow easier since Elephant Man’s album is now released.

“Now Ele album release an’ mi song deh pon it, suh that is major proof. In addition, the song is out now on 45 and every day, Ele in the streets promoting it, so even now, the more we promote it, the better our chances of getting someone to do over the video and even get it on BET,” Seanizzle said.


Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid, the producer of the Creepa rhythm, which features Elephant Man’s ‘Gully Creepa’. – Teino Evans

But that is not all that Seanizzle is currently focused on, as he says, “American rapper Lil’ Wayne has a new single out called Lollipop on a rhythm that sounds very similar to my creepa rhythm. The melody is the exact same, only thing dem use a different instrument to play it. So my publisher has made a link with Lil’ Wayne’s representatives to work out some agreement, because we don’t want to have to sue and even if we could get them to do a remix with Ele for Gully Creepa,then we would settle with that”.

Seanizzle says his rhythm has been playing since November of last year, “but it was released on 45 over three months now and Lil’ Wayne’s song (Lollipop) is out around a month and a half now”.

So far, Seanizzle says, “we have not received any hostile response from Lil’ Wayne’s representatives,” so it appears quite likely that they are willing to cooperate.