Nomaddz Completing the Trod

‘Just to see who Nomaddz is you have to see them perform live”, is often the most said statement when seeking to find out who these four men are. Nomaddz is without question on a fast rise to international success, with a music video already in rotation these ‘brothers’ are set on a trod to superstardom. The eclectic dub-poetry group was formed at the Kingston College where all members were students and in 2000 fused their talents for the creative arts and became known as Nomaddz.


Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Christopher Gordon and O’neil Peart the men that make the group are also recipients of the prestigious Jamaican Prime Minster Youth Award for excellence in the field of Arts and Culture which can be argued as a sign of great things to come. With creating a buzz in the entertainment industry Nomaddz has been able to perform on local and international stages creating for them avenues that has caused doors to open for them internationally, and with just their love for the performing arts and the drive for success they have also been able build individual careers as actors, models and solo artiste. As each member has appeared in short films , commercials and even entered the local Jamaican talent show Digicel Rising Stars.

Nomaddz recently held a series of summer live shows as well as appeared on others showcasing their talents and promoting their new album “The Trod” a album that was recorded live at performances by the group and also created history in the local recording industry by doing something of that nature. These four men kept going as they have also through out this time given back to charity as they appeared on the Television Jamaica’s Change a Life concert and several other small shows like Manifesto Jamaica live show Art’ical all organizations that seek to give back to the youths of the nation.

With a successful summer Nomaddz’s trod is still going strong with several new recording and celebrations of success at the popular live music hang out spot Jamnesia and Wickie Wackie, these ‘brothers’ are continuing the trod to musical success, and with new hits like “Take you to a place” , “Oh Baby”, “Rise above Profanity” and “Lions playing in the prairie” the trod lives on.

Article by Kemar Daswell