Nude Photo Of Kanye West Hits The Internet

Over two weeks ago, rumors began to float around about some photos of rapper Kanye West, in the nude, being shopped around to various media outlets.

Well, it looks like they were true.


One nude photo of Ye landed on MediaTakeOut on Friday (October 29), confirming previous reports. In the pic, West is shown sitting, shirtless, on a couch, wearing sunglasses and a chain necklace.

But that’s just the top half of the large photo, which has been split into two separate photos. The bottom half shows him exposed. In it, he’s wearing black boxer-briefs, pulled down with his member exposed.

We can’t post it here, so head to to see it.

The previous report by RadarOnline said there’s more than just one of these photos too. The site says they’ve seen two images, both of which leave little to the imagination.

They say they are “self-snapped” and were reportedly “sent to a number of women, and are now for sale and being shopped to various media outlets.”

A source told the site: “These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace. He probably sent them to many, many women.”

So far, Kanye West has yet to comment on the leak of the revealing photo, despite being active on Twitter (@KanyeWest) Friday posting random photos late in the day.

Source: BallerStatus


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