Outaroad owner under threat from artiste?


Owner of entertainment website, Car-lington Wilmot, claims that he was threatened yesterday by a popular dancehall deejay and his entourage as a result of a photo on the site.

Christopher Campbell, a former writer for the website was also allegedly assaulted at the offices of booking agent Solid Agency to which he is currently employed. It is believed that Campbell was assaulted as a result of his affiliation to the site and its owner.

Wilmot claims that he received a call from one deejay, whose number is stored in his mobile phone. He says during the conversation, the deejay passed the phone to the other deejay who was disgruntled.

“(The deejay) seh ‘di singer waan talk to yuh’ and (the deejay) come pon di phone an seh ‘a long time mi a tell yuh fi come off a mi name. Anytime mi ole yuh bwoy Carlington not even Kartel can help yuh,” Wilmot said.


After receiving the call, Wimot says he received a call from someone at Natural Bridge studios, a place he visits regularly, informing him that the deejay’s entourage was ‘looking for him’.

The incident, he believes, was prompted by a story on the outaroad website. The website displayed a picture of the deejay in a bedroom with a girl. According to the report on the website, the two girls, one living in Canada and the other in New York, are verbally warring on the popular myspace site. Both are claiming to have an intimate relationship with the artiste.

According to Wilmot, the picture was sent to the website from an unknown email address. “Wi don’t tek di picture. Mi don’t write the story, it’s a blog. The blog is open to anybody. The pic was already on myspace which is way bigger than Other message boards put them up,” he said.

Shortly after receiving the phone threat, Wilmot got yet another call from someone informing him that Christopher Campbell had been assaulted by the deejay’s entourage at the offices of Solid Agency on Merrivale Close.

Bringing in the cops

An upset Wilmot sent a text to a member of the deejay’s entourage informing him that he was going to report the incident to the police.

He told the STAR “the artiste dem caan go out dere and get demself mix up inna passa passa and expect seh di public nah go find out ’bout it. Whole of people get di picture from di same girl. Mi nuh write, mi only tek pictures and mi neva tek dat one deh”.

Wilmot says he reported the incident to the New Kingston Police Post yesterday evening. However, up to press time, The STAR did not get confirmation of the report from the police.

Though The STAR made repeated attempts to contact the deejay and his management team, the calls went unanswered.

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Source: JamaicaStar