Poor and Boasy gets 'Killer' endorsement

Oh oh, a Poor and Boasy again. Riding on the success of being crowned the male winner of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competion 2009, word has been circulating that the young artiste has joined forces with dancehall giants, the Alliance.

“Well, we nuh sign nuh contract still, but mi nah lie to yuh, Killer and Mavado, dem a tek Poor and Boasy to the world,” Poor and Boasy, whose real name is Omar Johnson, told THE STAR.


“From mi deh inna di competition, dem man deh a help push mi thing, all wen mi a campaign. Mi haffi listen to the people dem, ’cause a dem mek mi deh wheh mi deh. When mi inna di streets, people tell mi say if mi waan fi mek it inna di business mi fi join Alliance,” the newcomer said.

Poor and Boasy is adamant that being in the Alliance would be great, as he feels that his career would get the boost that it needs to take it to the next level.

“Mavado and Killer a real youth dem, Mavado represent fi di gully, Killer a di poor people governor, mi waan be the poor people ambassador – right now mi represent fi di stop lights and the cemetery. All a we a fight fi poor people, suh a deh so mi fi deh,” Poor and Boasy said.


When contacted, Alliance general, Bounty Killer, said he would endorse Poor and Boasy’s career. “a mi kid from before, from before him glory wi use to encourage him.”

According to Killer, “any artiste dat is good is welcome in the Alliance, an wi tek to him spirit an him feel at home. Poor and Boasy is a man wid a image … an him a sing exactly as him living now, but as him get up inna life him wi touch pon some odda issues, so I think him music a go grow.”

Outside of Poor and Boasy’s focus on getting a firm foot within the Alliance, he has had to constantly answer questions from fans who are curious to find out how he has been spending his million.

“everybody know say mi nuh born come see nuh luxury, suh as soon as sup’m start tek a turn fi di better, people a go start talk whole heap a things, an dem nuh really know what a gwaan,” he said.

“All now mi nuh get the money what mi win yet, an mi nah rush that, ’cause mi dream was to win the competition – now that mi win it what mi a go do?” he questioned.

“Mi nah guh squander mi money, it a go invest wisely, mi nah guh dis nobody, but sometime if people nuh know a thing dem nuh fi talk. All talk bout mi crash how much time – all a dat a just rumours, people just a set dem mouth pon mi.”

In the meantime, the ‘king’ said he is just focused on steering his career in the right direction.

“Mi jus’ a look forward to di positive and growing as an artiste and as an individual. An fi all a di people dem who seh mi nah go nowhere inna life, look at me now. Instead of just looking at the cover of the book, turn the pages and get to know the story behind it,” he said.

Source: JamaicaStar