Rhythm & Booze – The ‘Xclusive’ choice to kick start the Easter Weekend

Tuesday, March 16, Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc.): With a flurry of events on Kingston’s ever booming party scene, party goers continuously search for events that they can be comfortable knowing that the promoters/organizers have assembled the right elements to deliver an event that they will be able to enjoy and be confident that their investment would have been well placed.

Mainsource Media, the promoters of such events as Liters, Kingston Sexy and Rum and Roses are among the list of promoters who always aim at executing events that live up to the expectations of their faithful sponsors and ever dynamic group of patrons. Rhythm & Booze, which can be considered as their flagship event has always been a crowd favourite across Jamaica with overwhelming support in Kingston and Negril where it has been apart of the Independence Weekend series of events for the past few years.

With this staging dubbed; Rhythm & Booze – Xclusive, Mainsource Media have gelled together some of the strong elements from their arsenal to ensure that every patron that comes out to Rhythm & Booze – Xclusive will undoubtedly share and enjoy the good vibe. Firstly the event has been relocated to Curphey Place and “if you don’t know ask somebody”, Curphy Place has been one of the most highly requested venues because of its central location and the success rate of past events, such as Rhythm & Booze, which saw record numbers of patrons coming out to previous promotions at this venue. Music will be provided by a stellar line up of selectors including members from one of Jamaica’s most beloved Sound Systems – Renaissance Disco, also featuring crowd favorites’ Code Red, joined by the renowned remix technician Zj Chrome and the new sensation Dj Charm. Coupled with the distinction of being labeled as Jamaica’s #1 Super Mixed- Drink Inclusive Party (Made Strong by Appleton Jamaica Rum), Rhythm & Booze – Xclusive is the right choice for the patron looking for the right blend of elements to unwind to.

Xclusive Offers

Another winning element going for the Mainsource team is their concentration on affordability, the cost of entry to this Super Mixed Drink inclusive event is $1500 presold and $2000 at the gate which remains a bargain considering the quality event that it is poised to be.

The safety of party goers and their property remain of high importance to Mainsource Media and this is why “we will be offering secured parking at the Swallowfield Exam Depot for our patrons which is just a stone’s throw away from the venue” stressed Onel Williams, one of the Managing Directors of Mainsource Media. He went on to make mention that they will be offering special discounted tickets to those persons who add them (Mainsource Media) as a Blackberry Messenger Contact (2629ADD2).

Rhythm & Booze – Xclusive is set to take place on April 1, 2010 ………. The next day is a holiday, so come out and start off the wonderful weekend with Jamaica’s #1 Super Mixed-Drink Inclusive party.


Source: A.I.M Inc. Entertainment