Sasha, Turbulence back Together? – Couple shares kiss in music video

The saying ‘ol’ fire stick easy fi ketch’ would seem to apply to singers Sasha and Turbulence in their latest music video for the single Don’t Wanna Be Alone.

The two ex-lovers reunited recently in their latest video and has been creating waves in the streets, causing tongues to wag about the nature of their relationship.

In the video, which was done a week ago, the two were very intimate, hugging, dancing/wining closely and even kissing. The video opens with the two accidentally meeting up at a local craft market, and as they meet and greet, Turbulence says to Sasha “wha gwaan Sasha? Long time no see, yuh still look phat and sexy… mi waan ask yuh a question still.”

“Pain and tears”

He then begins to sing “why did you leave me? From my heart I wanna let yuh know, I’m used to waking up with you”, as she responds “and I’m used to having you near.” In the chorus the two sing, “I don’t wanna be alone, want you right here by my side.”

The two seem to chronicle their relationship and all that was said in the public as Turbulence deejays, “a mi same one, di natty pon di front line yuh said, so why yuh mek a bald head, yuh brethren captivate yuh meds, an turn yuh likkle heart into lead/ A dats why me vex.”

Sasha responds, “natty a di pain and tears weh mi shed fi di next girl weh yuh bring inna ma bed, yuh diss me, that’s why mi haffi fled, a mek a flex wid a bald head.”

When THE STAR spoke with Sasha she denied that the two were more than just friends.

About relationship

According to Sasha she is single and loving it. She, however admits that the song is partially about their relationship, and is done to answer the questions about their break up but can also be applied to persons who have been hurt in any relationshipbut does not want to be alone anymore.

Sasha told THE STAR that the song was recorded a month ago on her ‘Breeze’ rhythm, while they were in studio vibing.

“We’re just friends, we just have a very good energy. The fact that he was in my life means that we have an extra connection. It’s just an energy we know people are gonna say whatever they want… even when we broke up people were accusing us of still being together. The energy was there, I will always care for him and he will always care for me,” she said.

When THE STAR contacted Turbulence, he also agreed that they have a chemistry in studio, saying, “every time we do a combination song it’s a hit. The chemistry is still there, the song haffi be done, is what di people want.”

According to Turbulence Sasha is a ‘good friend’ and nothing else.

As for the kiss, Sasha says she could not have kissed any other male artiste in a video and it was only because of her past with Turbulence why they kissed in the video.

For Turbulence the kiss was like playing a part in a movie.

Throwing words

In 2006 the two went through a public break up with reports that they were throwing words at each other through various recordings.

Turbulence recorded a single entitled ‘No Man No Perfect’ and Sasha returned with ‘Got What You Need’ where Sasha says, ‘mi know yuh a man and mi muss get bun, but sex without a condom a careless fun’.

In happier times, the two had recorded two love songs together- Natty Pon Di Frontline and We’ve Got The Love.

According to Sasha the two were not throwing words at each other then. “I don’t wanna say we were throwing words, we were involved and being human… we just expressed ourselves. It wasn’t a war… I said my piece, he said his piece.”

Adding, “I still love him as a person, he has a good heart and soul and people do tings and you make mistakes but it’s hard to go back.”

As to whether they would ever get back together she responded, “I don’t know, there’s always a possibility. We see each other but this time around – proceed with caution.”

In the meantime Sasha is keeping herself busy, immersing herself in her role as a producer, while travelling and making more music. Sasha recently began to record songs in Spanish, like Black or White. Sasha says she wants to take the Latin American market by storm.

For Turbulence, who has been off the scene for a while doing shows in Africa, he says he has a number of singles getting ready to be released. He says he has been working alongside producers like Snow Cone and King Jammys.

Source: JamaicaStar


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