Shawty Lo Denies Fight; Calls Out T.I.

Appearing on camera with the D4L chain that was reportedly stolen during the incident at Club Crucial, the Asylum recording artist held fast to his previous statements in the video statement, admitting that though a fight did break out at Crucial, he “didn’t get touched period.”

The interview was recorded on Thursday (Jul 17), the same day the man known simply as Meatball broke his silence, explaining his side of the story in an audio interview which surfaced online.

Meatball, who claims to be somewhat of a power figure in the Bankhead community, alleges that Lo, born Carlos Walker, was very much involved in the melee at Crucial on that fateful Saturday night, adding that the rapper’s chain was handed to his assailants by someone in his own entourage.

According to Meatball, the fight was the continuation of latent tensions between him and the D4L Records CEO, as the two were once very close.

He accuses Shawty Lo of turning his back on those who helped him attain his current success, namely, Meatball himself.

Only addressing the incident in the first minute of his interview, Shawty Lo suggested that Meatball’s account of the altercation are no more than an attempt to show his allegiances to T.I. in hopes of earning a position on the Grand Hustle team.

“I guess the youngin’ wanna team up with T.I., so he want some fame,” Lo simply said. “I’m kinda mad, because a lil’ n***a I raised [is doing this] ’cause now he wanna be a rapper. He came to me and said, ‘Shawty, I thought me and you was gon be Baby and Wayne!’ If you wanna be Baby and Wayne, come to the studio and put in some work.

“He mad ’cause he say I went on 106 & Park and didn’t give him a shout out. There’s a million people I know: I didn’t give nobody a shout out. Why Imma shout him out like he did something special for me?”

While he previously stated himself that the Club Crucial fight had nothing to do with Tip, Lo’s main focus during the interview continued to be on his escalating beef with the Grand Hustle general, even calling T.I.’s extensive service to the Bankhead community into question.

“Now he wanna come and throw barbecues on Bankhead and ride up and down Bankhead, tryna get the hood on his side,” Lo told the Internet magazine. “He ain’t been doing this. It’s too late for that s**t. “T.I. don’t want it with Lo,” he continued.

“The only thing he got on Lo is a head start. Down here in them Down South states, they know. It’s only a matter of time before I convince them upstates and the West Coast.”