Shyne Remains In Jail Due To Immigration Status, To Be Deported Friday

It’s just been confirmed that Shyne is being deported back to Belize (his hometown) on Friday, October 7. Though Shyne is finally being released after serving 8 years, the former Bad Boy recording artist will not set foot on U.S. soil.


In what started out as a triumphant and joyous occasion, has now been put on hold until further notice. Former Bad Boy recording artist, Shyne was scheduled to be released from jail today after serving (he basically took the rap for Diddy) an 8 year jail bid for his involvement in a 2001 NYC club shooting incident.

But according to Shyne’s attorney, Oscar Michelen his client has yet to touch any type of free soil. “Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined,” Michelen told MTV News earlier today.

Reps from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are now reviewing the logistics to Shyne’s case and will determine whether or not Shyne, who legally changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy in March of 2006, will be deported to his native country, Belize or released within the United States of America.

Throughout Shyne’s eight year bid, there’s been plenty of falsified information serviced in regards to the rappers release. Michelen said of the mishap, “I think [the basis for the rumor] was created by a computer,” he explained, “because the Department of Corrections has a Web site where you can do an inmate lookup. And if you have the information, it will show you that [Shyne’s] earlier release date was originally April [of this year] and then June. And we don’t now how that was in there. But it showed that. And then what would happen is before a release date, [an inmate] would get produced before a parole board, and in the institution, there would be rumors that [Shyne] was up for parole. I guess inmates or guards would spread the rumor.”

Source: BET


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