Smirnoff and Heineken jump on board with Bacchanal

Smirnoff takes on a new magic with a thrilling theme ‘Once Upon a Dynasty’, Marsha Lumley, brand manager for Smirnoff, disclosed.

Majestic History

“We are always looking to create the perfect experience for consumers. This year, Smirnoff carries the majestic history of Russian dynasties to life with this theme, by recreating an architectural phenomenon parallel to the rich, imperialistic appeal of Russian empires,” Lumley said.

Smirnoff Brand Manager Marsha Lumley

The two-tiered Smirnoff booth will replicate a Russian palace showcasing rich Russian dynasties, inside of Mas Camp.

“Smirnoff’s leg in this year’s Carnival is ‘Expect the Unexpected’. Every week Smirnoff will unleash something new to grab revellers,” Lumley disclosed.

“The focal point of the booth will be a Smirnoff Faberg√© Egg, which will be nestled within the palace structure. Another highlight will be the Smirnoff Goblet, redeemable with a purchase of $1,000,” she added.

She also said that the signature Smirnoff cocktail for Carnival will be the Moscow Mule, tying in perfectly with the dynasty theme.

“Over the years, Heineken and Smirnoff have partnered with many events which have set the standard on the party scene. The brands are known the world over for bringing innovative and original entertainment encounters to events,” Lumley added.

“We want to make Bacchanal memorable, what better way to do it than with Heineken and Smirnoff? Both products are just right for the celebration of life’s memorable moments, and we want to remind our consumers to keep it real by drinking responsibly,” she concluded.

Beach J’Ouvert takes place on April 23.

Each Friday, beginning February 18, Mas Camp will be abuzz with carnival activity in preparation for the big event, the road march. Bacchanal Jamaica, will come to a close on May 1, with that road march.

Source: jamaica-gleaner

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