Soca Lovers Treated to St. Mary’s Finest

Week 2 of Bacchanal Treasures – the Bacchanal Fridays saw hundreds of Soca lovers coming out to the Mas Camp in New Kingston to get their weekly fix of the ever infectious genre of music.

At a $600 entry price, the organizers have somehow found a way to make the weekly series ‘recession friendly’ and with drink specials being offered by Appleton, Smirnoff, Heineken and others, there is always a cost effective way to spend a dollar and enjoy a drink.

The vibe around the Mas Camp was relatively slow. However there were sporadic moments when the energy reached climatic proportions; selections from the soca catalogue of 2 and even 3 years ago worked well for the masses and there was a thunderous sound of appeal when the selector played Skip to Ma Luu with Serani, Ding Dong and Razz & Biggy. The crowd erupted in a dancing frenzy swinging from left to right all around the venue and shaking various booths set up by the sponsors. At the drink central set up by Appleton they had female bartenders dancing on the counters much to the delight of some of the male patrons in attendance who found themselves lost in somewhat of a trance staring at them.

The Treasures of the night

Digicel Jamaica continued along their path of giving back to their customers with Phone, credit and T-Shirt give aways. Patrons were treated to some of the best snacks on the market in the form of St. Mary’s Banana Chips. These delightful treats provided by Jamaica Producers were given out by members of the Bacchanal Jamaica team. Patrons who got the treats were visibly elated by the gesture and some were even seen coming back for seconds. Mr. Stephen Willie, who was the representative for Jamaica Producers at the event, said that “the initiative was a simple yet effective way of allowing the Consumers who have consistently supported St. Mary’s Banana Chips to understand that we value their confidence in our product and also just to give back a ‘little something’ to them.” “It is our intention to make giveaways like this and others a staple of Bacchanal Treasures “, Stephen further explained.

JP Tropical Foods pride themselves on being the home of the most delicious, authentic, Caribbean Snacks. Their snacks are 100% natural, healthy fun and ideal, whether you’re taking it slow or in a high energy environment like Jamaica Bacchanal Carnival. All their snacks are free of transfat, gluten, cholesterol and lactose, making them a great choice for all ages. All are encouraged to come out and enjoy Friday nights at Bacchanal Treasures with a healthy yet delightful snack of St. Mary’s Banana Chip.